Why do baby like silicone teether?

One of the biggest reasons babies love silicone teether

Babies like to put toys in their mouths and chew them with gusto. Why do babies like silicone teether so much?

Growing teeth is a relatively long process, and many parents are anxious to see their babies' teeth come out, which is also a sign of their babies' growth.

From the first few months of life until your baby is a year old, your baby will be teething.Many parents believe that when their baby starts drooling, it means they are teething.

Bao bao's parents often use their fingers to reach into the baby's mouth, along the gums, feel the baby's mouth, looking for the first tooth.You always give your baby silicone teether, which are toys that your baby can put in his mouth as new teeth develop.

It's true that babies chew toys, such as gum, to ease discomfort and feel better while their teeth are growing.Baby's tender gums may feel better when applied with slight pressure.

Just as everyone is different, so is every baby.The types of toys that one child likes can be very different from those that another child likes.

Some parents like to use dental gum that can be cooled in the refrigerator. If the child puts it in his mouth, the gums will feel a soothing coolness.Be careful not to freeze gum for too long.Your baby's delicate gums are likely to feel uncomfortable and hurt.

Some gums vibrate when your baby chews, and these gums also provide relief from gum discomfort.

There are many other answers to the question of why babies like to chew silicone teether, and not just to ease teething discomfort.

Benefits of using silicone teether

Putting things in your mouth is part of your baby's early development.In fact, complete chewing encourages the baby to move their uvula through the mouth.

This will increase the baby's awareness of the mouth and help lay the groundwork for learning language sounds, from babbling to saying first words like "mom" and "dad."

Because babies like to chew, especially when teething, parents should not be surprised to see their babies biting on blankets, favorite stuffed animals, books, keys, their own little fingers or even your fingers.

Because babies love to chew and can chew anything they see, there are even necklaces and bracelets designed for parents to chew safely.

Silicone teether come in different shapes, colors and sizes.Many toys also have different textures to appeal to the individual interests of different children.

Tips for using silicone teether

When using silicone teether, be sure to supervise your baby.When choosing silicone baby teether, look for a tooth that a baby can hold and hold safely in his mouth. A gum too big or too small can be a safety hazard.

Don't use non-silicone teether as toys, especially toys with small parts that can come off and pose a choking risk.

Choose only dental gums that are phthalate-free and BPA free.Determine if it is made from a non-toxic paint layer.

Don't buy used silicone teether.Over the years, toys made by enterprises have been allowed to be put into the mouth of babies, so the safety standards for children's toys have been constantly improved. Children's toys must be made of safe materials, so as not to expose babies to toxic chemicals, so it is better to buy new silicone teether for babies.

Be sure to master good ways to clean and disinfect silicone teether to reduce the spread of bacteria, especially when other babies want to chew silicone braces.

Keep clean wipes handy in case your teething toy fall to the floor.Wash toy teeth regularly with soap and water.It can also be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

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