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Baby bibs are clothing worn by newborns or toddlers to protect their delicate skin and clothing from food, spitting, and drooling. Every baby needs to wear a bib at some point. It can start immediately after they are born or when the parents start weaning. At some point, we are all aware of the universal fact that babies are not only cute but also very messy. This is where a good durable baby bib comes in. A good bib should absorb water, fit your baby comfortably and be able to withstand constant washing. 

When it comes to cute clothes that keep food away from babies or toddlers, any bib is better than nothing. However, the option that is easy to clean and prevents food from falling on her legs or arms is your best choice. You may only need to clean one frequently, but it is never a bad idea to bring one or two more bibs as a spare.


What are the benefits of baby bibs ?

The bib prevents breast milk or formula from dripping during the baby-led feeding period-and helps absorb the inevitable spit up. You may experience many of these things every day, so getting some bibs that are suitable for your child will save more time without causing confusion.


What is the best bbay bibs ?

The safest bib for babies-made of 100% food-grade silicone, free of bisphenol A, potassium phthalate and heavy metals. No need to worry about safe products.

Happy feeding - don’t worry about food stains clothes and spills on high chairs and floors. You can let your baby play fully. Because our food grade silicone baby bib is waterproof and has a large 3D pocket, it is always open to catch falling food.

Super easy to clean-the surface is smooth, non-staining, and non-absorbent. It can be washed directly with water, just wipe with a small amount of soap, or put in the dishwasher or washing machine. You don't need to dry it for a long time like a cloth bib. Use it immediately after wiping it dry with a paper towel or towel.

Lightweight, super soft edges-most toddlers hate to have something around their necks, so we made the silicone bibs light and soft, so your picky toddlers won't feel it!

Melikey has more than 12 years of experience in mold production, and has been expanding mother and baby silicone products since its inception. Melikey is a factory, manufacturer and wholesaler of baby tableware. We are well aware that the products used for babies need to be absolutely safe, so we continue to surpass in the choice of materials and quality assurance. At the same time, we also have a strong design team that can do customized private services for you.

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