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When your child enters toddlerhood, whether he's breastfeeding or bottle feeding, he needs to start transitioning to baby sippy cups as early as possible. You can introduce sippy cups at six months of age, which is the ideal time. However, most parents introduce sippy cups or straws at 12 months of age. One way to determine when to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup is to look for signs of readiness. Including if they can sit without support, can hold the bottle and pour it to drink on its own, or if they show interest by reaching for your glass.


Tips for helping babies to introduce sippy cups:


Begin by offering an empty cup.

First, provide an empty cup for your baby to explore and play with. Do this for a few days so they can get acquainted with the cup before you put the liquid in it. And tell them that they will be filling the cup with water.


Teach them to sip.

Make sure your child is seated before giving them a glass of water, breast milk or formula. Then show yourself how to raise the cup to your mouth and tilt it slowly to let a small amount of liquid drip in. Then encourage your child to try and help your child drink water, taking care to slow down to allow time for the child to swallow before offering more.


Make the cup attractive.

Try different liquids. If they are over 6 months old, you can give them expressed breast milk and water. If over 12 months old, you can give them fruit juice and whole milk. You can also let them know that the contents of the cup are interesting, take a sip from the small cup, and then take a few more sips. Your baby may want some too.


Do not give your child a bottle in his crib.

If your child wakes up and wants a drink, use a sippy cup instead. Then wipe his teeth to keep them clean before putting him back in the crib.


What do sippy cups do to teeth?

Sippy cup with straw for baby can lead to serious oral health problems if used improperly for a long time. It is advisable not to serve juices in sippy cups too often because of their high sugar content. Instead of letting your child drink milk or juice throughout the day, as it can lead to tooth decay, it is recommended to keep these drinks at mealtimes. And carry a baby toothbrush with you, and clean your baby's teeth in time after drinking.


How to choose the best sippy cup for your baby?

Spill proof.

Learning to sip from a toddler cup can be a hassle. By choosing a leak-proof cup, there will be less confusion when the child throws it off the high chair. Also keep your child's clothes clean.


BPA Free.

BPA, a toxic substance that can harm human health, has been banned in the United States. It is recommended to choose a food-grade straw cup, which is non-toxic and safer.



Cups with handles make it easier for babies' small hands to grasp and also make it easier for children to transition to larger adult cups that require the use of two hands.


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